Profile #9394 : Leah Evans

Name »  Leah Evans
Hair Color »  Mixed
Eye Color »  Brown
Height »  5' 5" (1.65m)
Weight »  145 lbs. (66kg)
Location »  Not Specified

Name: LeahBeth Evans.

Nickname: Elphie


birthday: Febuary 24th, 1995

height: 5.5


About me:

My name is LeahBeth Evans. My strongest talent is definetly singing. Unfortionetly i can not dance. I love broadway, and i have a dream like a million others. Hopefully, ill be one of a million that make it. Im using this sight for publicity, to get my name out there. So if you think you'd me interested in my work, check me out on facebook on my page "LeahBeth Evans" under the catagory author. Im also a writer. I wrote a children's book called "A Different Kind of Hero."



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