Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I just created my new profile. How do I find it?
It is necessary to upload an image for your profile to be accessed via the thumbnail images displayed in each category of photos.

Q2. What are's image specifications?
Please--no naughty hand gestures. Sunglass-wearers' photos will be gently moved from "Be Discovered" to the "Just Showing Off" page. Photos depicting more than one individual will be gently moved from "Be Discovered" to a different category.

Image formats accepted are .gif, .jpg (or .jpeg), .bmp, or .png. Make sure the filename is simple and short, with no spaces or unusual characters; "image.jpg" is an example of an acceptable filename. The file must not be larger than 10 MB. If your image does not meet these guidelines then it may not upload; your image may not be displayed on the Home pages (and your profile may not be accessible to other members or agents) until you upload an image with the correct specifications.

The thumbnail “auto-enlarge on rollover” feature will display your image at approximately 300 pixels in height; for best results, upload photos that are at least that height, or they will have a “pixelated” appearance on rollover. To check your photo height (in Windows), right-click your image file, click “Properties”, and click the “Summary” tab.

Q3. Can I upload more than one image?
Yes. Currently, our Deluxe Portfolio feature is available to all members at no cost. To access your Deluxe Portfolio [catalog], in the top menu bar click "Users Login"; log in with your Username and Password; in the top menu bar click "Edit Profile"; on your "Edit Profile" page, scroll down to the "Manage Catalog" link [just above your "Current Picture" that you uploaded when you created your profile]. Click the "Manage Catalog" link, and your "Create a Catalog" page will appear, where you can upload an additional eleven photos.

Q4. Can I change the category of my photo?
Yes. When creating your profile, you have a choice of photo categories using the “Select Category” dropdown menu (the default category is “Be Discovered”). To change the category, proceed to your "Create a Catalog" page (see Q2); upload a second photo; click “Edit” under the image that you want to change, and make a selection from the “Select Category” dropdown menu.

Q5. Can I communicate with other members?
Yes. Log in with your Username and Password; the “Your Profile” page will appear; click “Home” in the top menu bar. Click the thumbnail image of the member you wish to contact. At the bottom of their “Profile #…” page, click “Send A Message”. The “New Message To …” page will appear; compose your message and click “Send Message”. A new page should appear with the note, “New Message Sent Successfully!

When another member sends you a message, the “You Have __ New Mesgs” banner is displayed near the top right side of the “Your Profile” page; to access your messages, click "Messages" in the top menu bar. The “Your Messages” page will appear; to read your messages, click the word “By” that precedes the name of the sender.

Q6. Will you notify me if I receive a message?
Yes. You will receive an e-mail at the unpublished address listed in your member profile. The e-mail will include a link to your Login page where you can log in and view your message.

Q7. Another member (or Agent) has asked me for money; what should I do?
You should send a copy of their "skin game" to , and stop replying to any of their messages. They are almost certainly a scam artist, or worse.  When sufficient evidence is gathered, their profile will be deleted. [Similarly, if you receive an offer that is “too good to be true”, exercise all due skepticism; especially if the credentials of the company can not be verified by the Better Business Bureau (or a similar reputable organization).]

Q8. I've misplaced my Username and Password--can you send them to me?
For security reasons, Support can send your login information only to the e-mail address listed in your member profile. You may request login information at . It is recommended that you save your login information e-mail for future reference.


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