About Us

PrettyFace.com is destined to provide the world's premier showcasing Web portal for the casting, modeling, and talent scout industries--a world source of beautiful, talented individuals that casting, modeling, and talent scout agents can choose from.

If you desire to be discovered, if you desire your child or pet to be discovered, PrettyFace.com will let you share the spotlight. Plan to showcase your online portfolio that will be easily accessible by individuals who open doors to a future of fantastic success.

And, for those of you who couldn't care less if you were discovered--who just want to show off for no particular reason or gain--you have your very own category!  Plus, there are categories for “Our Family” and “Our Wedding”--a convenient way to share your favorite photos with your family and friends.  Easily upload to your catalog, then e-mail to say, “We’re at prettyface.com !”

Our mission guidelines:

  • We are not a dating service (but still welcome those who are concentrating on a discovery of a more personal nature).
  • We are not a pornography source.
  • We are a provider of the premier showcasing Web portal where casting, modeling, and talent scout agents can discover you! Support editors check that content is suitable for ages fourteen and older.


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